Twitter Awareness


           In today’s world of social media, movements can gain strength at shockingly rapid rates. Twitter is the poster child for this sort of social media grass roots organizing. Recently, the hashtag #BBUM (Being Black at University of Michigan) creted by members of the Black Student Union at U of M gained serious viral strength. African-American students at University of Michigan took to Twitter to share their stories after a number of racial incidents began to occur on campus. Tyler Collier, president of the Black Student Union wanted other black students on campus to have a voice to discuss these issues and share stories to raise awareness. The hashtag quickly went viral and drew attention on a national scale. Many students began to share their frustration at the lack of respect and dignity given to them on campus. The response form the University has been very positive. The official Twitter account sent out a tweet saying: “Thanks for engaging in this conversation. We’re listening, and will be sure all of your voices are heard. #BBUM.” Further statements from university spokespeople and affiliates have echoed that tweet as well.

This is an excellent example of how social media is an excellent way for people to get their voices heard, and spurns positive conversation on subjects such as race by all who are involved.


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