10 Tips for Bloggers

My overall experience with blogging over the course of this class has been a positive and enjoyable experience. It was interesting to write for an audience, instead of just a teacher or for yourself. I thought it was great practice for doing any type of professional writing. Here are a few quick tips for people interested in blogging help:


  1. Keep a schedule! Getting content out in a timely and consistent fashion will draw readers back.
  2. Good Grammar. Grammar and spelling are very important to having a credible blog. Especially if you are looking to have a more professional touch.
  3. Research. It is important to research topics and stories you plan to write on to find relevant events that people will be interested.
  4. Get your facts straight. Having the right information is key, nothing is worse than being called out on for pulling facts out of your butt.
  5. Tone. Pick a tone and be consistent with it. Ensure that you chose either a more professional or laid back tone.
  6. Stay up to date. Make sure you are writing about more current events, especially if you are looking to attract a large audience.
  7. Find your interests. It is very easy to write about things you are passionate about or interested in.
  8. Layout. Have a very clean and easy to navigate blog layout. It will make things easy for your readers.
  9. Steer clear of controversial topics; it is not worth the trouble.

10. Have Fun! Look for fun, find it, and have it.


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