Iran Nuclear Solution


           Recently, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany reached a deal with Iran in regards to curbing their nuclear uranium enrichment program for six months for limited sanction relief. The World powers are hailing this as a major victory after talks between Iran and the UN dragged on for months on end. The talks were repeatedly broken down and stalled by Tehran. The UN Council utilized sanctions and embargos to economically strong arm Iran into agreeing to these terms. All parties involved released public statements of excitement over the deal. Not all governments were happy about the deal however. Israel stated that the deal was a huge mistake, and would allow Iran to continue develop their nuclear arsenal without the embargo of sanctions to economically constrain them. This is understandable, considering Iran’s stance on Israel, and their desire to see Israel razed. Another detractor was Russian President Vladimir Putin, who stated that he believed that although it was a great victory politically, the world should be weary of Iran developing nuclear material. This was a sentiment echoed by President Obama. Although this deal has been heralded by political leaders around the world, many are ensuring to make sure to not trust Iran.


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