Jameis Winston Allegations

Florida State v Pittsburgh

            The quarterback from the Florida State University, Jameis Winston, has found himself in hot water. Jameis is considered arguably the best player in college football today, and a clear front-runner for the Heisman trophy. Recently, allegations have surfaced that Winston committed a sexual assault on a female over a year ago. Winston’s case is interesting because the female in question is not levying charges, but the state is deciding if it wishes to bring charges against Wilson. State Attorney Willie Meggs has been weighing in on the evidence, and has stated that the decision to charge or not would not occur before Thanksgiving. FSU fans and students have been very vocal when it comes to their opinions on Winston’s dilemma. The consensus is overwhelmingly in support of Wilson’s innocence.

            Throughout all of this commotion and controversy, Winston has been very tight-lipped. Many are quick to point out that if Wilson were innocent, he would be more vocal. To many people, this would seem to be the case. However, this is most likely Wilson taking excellent PR advice from his attorney. No matter what, keep your mouth shut! The less you say the better, especially in a very touchy situation such as this.


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