Speech of Conviction



                                tell them your story                   

To inspire audience to reconnect to beliefs
To reinforce competence, character and composure
To apply techniques: psychographic & demographic

Two psychographic references in body of the speech
One demographic reference
Several rhetorical elements throughout speech
Clever speech title
3 expert testimonies for competence-credibility


This speech included a few challenges for me to overcome. The first was that the addition of psychographic and demographic references within the speech. This was the first time I used such references in a speech. Another challenge for me was the inclusion of the story. I found that it was difficult for me to properly integrate the story with the speech in a professional manner. Other than that, I thought the assignment overall was not very difficult. In the future I will use less notecards except for basic outline and references. Reading off of the notecards did more to confuse me than help me when it came to making the speech smooth.


Hot Fuzz

Intro: The Fuzz, 5-0, po-po, pigs. Every one of you as a college student has had some sort of interaction with the police, and we all have our opinions of law enforcement personnel. Up until I was 17 years old, I had a noble and idealistic view of the police. As long as I obeyed the law, every officer would be on my side and would never lie to me or violate my rights. That was until I was standing next to my car watching it be torn apart for drugs I didn’t have and accused of violations I never perpetrated. The event left me very shaken, and inspired me to research how to communicate with law enforcement effectively, and how to flex my rights when necessary. Neill Harris, a 33 year veteran and training commander of the Maryland and Baltimore police departments says: What few people understand, but police know all too well, is that your constitutional rights only apply if you understand and assert them. To help you better understand how to flex your rights, I would like to educate you on how to effectively communicate with and conduct yourself when dealing with law enforcement.

  1. A) Many of you, like me, have a positive outlook on law enforcement. (psychographic)

B) What is important to understand, however, police are people who make mistakes like all of us. (Comparison)

C) Trip to Pizza joint

D) Nathan squeals tires

E) Pulled over

II.                A) Lied to by officer

B) Deny claims, exercise 5th amendment

C) Professor James Duane of the Regent University School of Law says that       the 5th amendments basic function is to protect the innocent of ambiguous circumstances.

III.              A) Many of you have said that you have never had your vehicle searched by the police. (psychographic)

B) Step out of car, illegally searched

C) Nothing Found

D) Martin Kron a New York traffic attorney says if you consent, an officer can search your entire vehicle.

IV.               A) Seven squad cars arrive

B) Eventually told free to go

V.               A) Police refrain from answering my questions

B) Nathan only receives reckless driving tickets

Conclusion: As I look back on my experience, I learned two very important lessons. You should always exercise your constitutional rights, and always conduct yourself properly and respectfully when dealing with law enforcement.


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